by Co- Design, September 26, 2015

          “Red can go everywhere from cheery and happy to angry and aggressive,” says designer Don Raney of Civility Design. Red can be used as an accent color in small little ways, from lighting and candles to pillows and walls. When you have accents of red it draws attention to other things you might not even notice in the room. The many shades of red can be used to great effect in various genres of design.

Contemporary design incorporates neutral elements with pops of bold color, often red.

Modern design calls for all kinds of reds: from primary hues to classic shades with burgundy or brown undertones.

Traditional design stays away from primary reds and instead involves burgundy or black tones.

Transitional design relies on a neutral palette, a perfect canvas for pops of red.

Country reds are chalkier and softer: Think barn or scarlet reds. Choose reds with pinkish and purplish hues, like the color of a ripening apple.

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